Research & Development

Research & Development

Providing Custom-tailored Innovation And Support

Making your product ideas a reality with one of the largest and most experienced Research & Development (R&D) and technical staffs in the industry, Newly Weds® Foods provides customers with tailored innovation, growth and support services that are central to new product development. Our philosophy “Customised Taste Technology” is indicative of our ability to work with customers in a one-on-one manner to determine their exact needs early in the developmental stages of a project.

Our Streamlined Process

Our European staff of experts and specialists take a hands-on approach in the R&D process. Throughout the development of the product, our team of food scientists work closely with our customers to make any and all necessary changes in formulation, flavour and appearance. Our well-versed Culinary Team works with you and our scientists to develop flavour ideas, builds and prototypes. All the while, our Regulatory and Technical Information Systems Team and Quality Assurance department are actively involved to ensure compliance, consistency and feasibility.

Testing Your Product

Newly Weds® Foods is able to simulate line runs on a smaller scale at our pilot plants to accurately predict what the finished product will resemble when coming off the processor line. Our Technical Services department can aid in the most efficient setup and line run for your product on your machinery to preemptively eliminate any possible errors in the production process.

Your Resource, Your Partner

With everything from concept generation to technical assistance, the Newly Weds® Foods R&D group works directly with you in all aspects of development, to make sure that the finished product is reflective of superior customer service.