Not all commercial breadings perform the same. Each crumb’s taste, texture, appearance and processing characteristics depend on its unique formulation and the way it is baked.

Newly Weds® Foods’ breading formulation team includes food scientists, culinary experts and processing consultants to ensure every formulation performs as well in your plant as in the lab.

Breading Categories

Newly Weds® Foods will help you select the breading product that best meets your need:

Traditional Breadcrumbs

traditionalcrumbTraditional breadcrumbs such as Frokrum, Frokrisp and Centurion are leading coating systems in the retail and foodservice market. They help seal in the substrate, keeping it moist and flavoursome whilst adding visual and textural appeal.

It is available in a wide range of colours e.g. orange, yellow and uncoloured and varying grist sizes such as coarse, fine and very fine.

It is most suitable for oven, grill and fryer reconstitution and is typically found on fish fingers, scotch eggs and fish steaks. Traditional breadcrumbs are ideal for frozen applications.

Tin-Baked Breadcrumbs

tinbakedcrumbOur manufacturing facility in Banbury, is a traditional bakery process, making individually tin baked loaves.

This range of breadcrumbs can be used to coat a variety of substrates such as meat, chicken, fish, cheese and vegetables. It is available in a wide range of colours and grist size to suit all applications.

It is most suitable for oven, grill and fryer reconstitution.

Japanese Style Breadcrumbs

pankocrumbNewly Weds® Foods is the only manufacturer in Europe that produces authentic Japanese Style Breadcrumb. Generally recognised as the premium coating system and widely used and endorsed by celebrity chefs. Japanese style breadcrumb is created by a unique process involving kneading and Ohmic baking. The dough is baked using only an electric current giving a crustless loaf! This maximises yield and gives a crumb with excellent highlights when pre-fried.

This special and unique process results in long and delicate slivers of breadcrumb giving a ‘melt in the mouth texture’. All products are available in a range of grist sizes from flakelette (very small) to hi-flake. All are suitable for 3-way cook (fry, grill or bake).


These flat, dense grains produce a “chunky” looking coating with a firm, compacted texture. Whilst they don’t exhibit significant colour when fried, they do offer an extensive tolerance to frying.

Often used as a predust, binder and extender because of its absorptive and adhesive properties, crackermeal resists breakdown and flows freely, so it machines easily. We formulate our crackermeal using specially selected ingredients to achieve the bite associated with traditional crushed crackers and transform it to unleavened dough for the high density it delivers.

Declared simply as `wheatflour’.


breadersBreaders are available in three formats, breaders, flour breaders and lightly dusted to suit a range of processing needs. All products are available in a range of flavours.

For a flaky, home-style appearance, nothing beats an authentic flour breader. They can be blended with a batter to create “breader balls” that result in an irregular, homemade appearance when fried. We formulate flour breaders using both hard and soft flour to achieve your targeted colour and fry tolerance characteristics. Blended with other functional ingredients, optimal flavour, texture and appearance can be attained while mitigating the inherent problems of oil degradation, excess oil filtration and scorching.

Flour breaders are available in a diverse range of flavours and can be customised to meet your expectations.

Fry Free/Reduced Fat

fryfreebreadersFry Free / Reduced Fat coating systems allow the processor to control the level of fat in the final product. A reduced fat product i.e. less than 25% of the fat content of a standard product or a low fat product which is less than 3% fat content compared to approximately 12% in a regular flash fried system.

Our Fry Free coating systems have a controlled level of fat added to them, which allows the final product to be described as either reduced fat or low fat depending on the level of oil added to the coating system. This reduction in fat still produces a visually and texturally appealing coated product.

We also have a range of batters and sprays which can be applied after breading but before flash frying. This forms a barrier around the breadcrumb and helps to reduce the level of oil absorbed during flash frying.

Gluten Controlled Products

Our gluten controlled products include quality breadcrumb and flavoured breaders.

We take great pride in working closely with customers to ascertain their exact needs and requirements. Our team of technologists create bespoke solutions that not only deliver the required attributes and allergen control but can offer on-site processing and application advice.