Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredient Capabilities

Newly Weds Foods is one of the leading authorities in functional ingredients, with an extensive portfolio of technology based products within our IsoStat Products Group. In addition to functional brines, binders, fillers, yield improvers and texture enhancers, we offer a comprehensive range of clean label products that address lipid oxidation, shelf-life extension and pathogen inhibition.

DV – A clean label free flowing powder version of Nature-In affording the ability to blend into most seasonings for ready to eat meats with minimal flavour and odour contribution.

natureguard – Rosemary extract with antioxidant properties extends shelf-life and reduces off-flavour/odour formation in a wide range of fat-containing foods and edible oils. A clean label product.

naturein – A clean label approach to antimicrobials. This line of viscous liquid products is based on vinegar or a combination of lemon juice and vinegar with versions to address everything from shelf-life extension to Listeria inhibition.

Umami – The Fifth Taste. Umami can be translated from Japanese as “pleasant savoury taste.”

A recent and innovative approach to understanding flavour. Umami, together with sweet, bitter, salty and sour make up the five taste sensations. It can be described as the ‘hearty savoury’ taste that’s detected whilst eating a range of different meat and vegetable products.

Umami has a unique ability to bridge the gap between flavour and salt perception in the development of savoury notes. Utilising our understanding and expertise of its benefits, our technologists successfully deliver flavour enhancement and salt reduction across a variety of ingredient systems.

tenderin – Clean label phosphate alternative for use in muscle food systems. Reacted and buffered Lemon Juice Concentrate, Vinegar and Sodium Bicarbonate.

myosol – Potassium based liquid phosphates that increase marinade retention, meat tenderness and overall yield while eliminating sodium content to finished product.

Ional – A dry, free flowing water soluble powder designed to improve marinade/brine performance in muscle protein systems and functions as a general antimicrobial. LC version inhibits Listeria in ready to eat meats.

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