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Our skilled culinary team has its pulse on the latest food trends throughout the world. It is connected via Kitchencounters™, our new culinary digital network. Experienced in working with top chefs throughout the world, our culinary team taps into the newest tastes, flavours and textures to create a truly unique food experience. Our chefs use quality ingredients as well as the best spices, herbs, flavours and other key components from all over the world to create customised and truly unique seasoning and coating systems.

Chef Varun

Newly Weds Foods, Corporate Chef, India

    • Bachelors in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, Institute of Hotel Management, New Dehli.
    • A specialist in organizing culinary experiences and providing food solutions.
    • 13 years of experience with hotels.
    • Chef De Cuisine with JW Marriot & the St. Regis.
    • Passionate about Cricket and Ping Pong.
    • Avid guitar player and singer.
    See Varun's Favourite Recipe

    Shredded Filo Wrapped Chicken, stuffed Edam Cheese, Sweet chili fig and Mango salsa, Edible Flora

    Chicken Mince                                                80 grams
    Eggs                                                                   1 Piece
    Oyster sauce                                                    10 Grams
    Coriander stem                                               5 Grams
    Chopped White Onion                                   5 Grams
    Chopped Elephant Garlic                              5 Grams
    Chopped Ginger                                              5 Grams
    Light soya                                                         6 Grams
    Sesame Oil                                                        3 Grams
    Edam Cheese cube                                          7 Grams
    Chopped purple figs                                       10 Grams
    Chopped Mango                                              10 Grams
    Chopped Dragon Fruit                                   10 Grams
    Sweet Chili Sauce                                            15 Grams
    Micro Beet root leaves                                   2 Sprigs
    Edible Viola Flower                                        1 Flower

    In a mixing bowl add minced chicken
    Mix salt and sugar.
    Add chopped onion, garlic and ginger.
    Add chopped coriander stem and mix well.
    Add light soy, oyster sauce and sesame oil.
    Mix the ingredients well.
    Rest the mix in a chiller for 5 minutes
    Roll the mixture into a small sausage.
    Stuff it with edam cheese cubes.
    Dip the above in an egg batter.
    Coat the above with shredded filo
    Rest the above in a chiller.
    In a bowl mix the chopped fruits.
    Add sweet chili sauce to the above
    Fry the filo rolled chicken
    Plate the fried chicken roll.
    Garnish with micro beet and viola flower